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Why Onesource

There are a few great operators through out the Texas market and we believe that in order to make a decision as to which operator you select, you need to understand how to evaluate your business partner.

• When something goes wrong with the equipment in
   your location, how fast will it be corrected? We are on
   call 24/7 – we do not have a holiday for repairs.

• Does your partner have insurance?
   Make sure this is not your responsibility.

• Will your operator put new equipment in your location
   and keep it updated? In today’s market this is key to
   your success.

• If you are a bar or restaurant owner, does your operator
   offer leagues for pool, darts, counter tops, golf, video
   bowling and buck hunter?  This is a huge question to
   understand with your partner.

• What type of incentives are provided to your patrons to
   play your games?

• Can your partner provide you everything that you need
   to be successful?

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